Corporate Workshops

ADC Services Group’ Corporate Workshops use innovative, fun methods and tools to facilitate meaningful discussions, lessen conflicts and build bridges between people. Our experiential workshops are led by our highly skilled and experienced trainers, they give everyone – individuals, teams and managers – the opportunity to learn and grow. We work to identify challenges, issues and dilemmas, and generate authentic conversations and new perspectives. We teach effective ways to find out-of-the box solutions that improve interpersonal relations and efficiency, and help organizations achieve sustainable business results. Our workshops are between 3 hours to 6 hours long, usually held during a weekday evening or during the weekend. Lively and engaging, workshops are a good mix of theory and exercises. They are hands-on, practical sessions where your employees learn new skills and are great opportunities for teams to bond.

We offer a series of interactive, experiential skills development programmes and workshops that deliver high-impact shifts in behaviour and approach. Delegates are taught a series of tools and processes that they can immediately apply in the workplace. Content can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Key Success Features

  • Work more effectively in teams.
  • Solve complex, pressing issues.
  • Experience and learn how to better coach, manage and lead your team.
  • Apply strategic and creative thinking.
  • Uncover underlying differences that prevent people from connecting.
  • Engage in authentic conversations and build trust.
  • Lessen conflicts by examining dilemmas and reaching deeper understandings.
  • Experience different points of view and initiate paradigm shift.
  • Spark humor and playfulness.

Who Can Benefit From Our Corporate Workshops
Due to our versatility and techniques to engage people, our Corporate Workshops are widely used in organizations. Perfect for team building, leadership development, conflict resolution and inspiration, they are highly useful for team leaders, HR personnel, training purposes and more.