Course Trainings

ADCSG offers a wide array of training programs for all organizational levels in public, private and social sectors. ADCSG aims at delivering life changing, highly interactive, goal oriented and life transforming training programs. Our trainers know the the turf and master adult learning psychology that help them designing and delivering goal specific training programs.

American Direct Consulting Services Group (ADC Services Group) is a leading partner of a global network of training providers in the professional training and certification industry that has facilitated the training of 500,000+ students from 3500+ corporations across 150+ countries with a success rate of 98.7%. We offer high-quality certification training in the leadership, management and information technology sectors.

ADCSG trainings include a wide array soft skills trainings, capacity building trainings and personal development programs. Our clients include both local and global leading business and service sector organization with aim to focus on improvements in human capital.

ADCSG maximizes your companies potential by delivering a cost effective training solution improving overall knowledge base, increasing productivity and diversifying employee skills. By providing access to face2face and online courses we deliver a streamlined training solution creating an environment of highly skilled staff and an effective workforce. Staff will have access to training tools to further their professional resume. This will not only provide meaningful opportunities to learn quality tips from industry experts but will inevitably streamline productivity in the workforce resulting in higher profits.

Key Success Features

  • Decrease conventional training costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce support calls and cost

Integrate the ADCSG training courses with your existing systems Extremely cost effective corporate plans Continual feedback on student progress Mobile access and 24/7 access from anywhere

ADCSG offers open and in-house training programs, tailored to your company’s requirements. Your industry dynamics and company goals determine the content and structure of training. This gives faster and more sustainable results.

Our approach is to make training as practical as possible by weaving together theory and practice sessions, so that everyone can apply their new knowledge directly after the training. In order to make the training modules as realistic as possible we use examples from your own business environment. We then tailor them to the correct level, according to the experience of participants. The documentation provided with the courses is directly usable in your daily work. We offer in-house training courses that are tailored to your company’s situation. Your company’s situation and needs impact the training content and approach, leading to better and quicker skills development results.