Project Consultancy

Organizations, in present era of sheer competition, need to demonstrate strategic flexibility and increased adaptability. Gaining control over such situations becomes convenient when organizations are working with ADC Services Group’s consultants. ADC Services Group’s consulting solutions help business management to adjust in uncertain decision making situations by providing considerable innovative options. The strategic support from our consultants enables organizations to develop business adaptability and intense belief in their available resources and strengths.

Modern successful organization needs to be adaptable to deliver business results and sustain profitability. ADCSG consulting helps you in capitalizing your real business potential, boosting organizational decision making process and creating workable innovative business models as per your business environment and goals.

Our consulting team is therefore involved in most client engagements. We have a solid track record of success in helping clients improve their project management maturity, establishing consistent, practical project methodology and establishing PMO functions.

We typically provide a blended approach of consulting & training and, if appropriate, technology to support your goal of improved project performance.

Our services are fully customizable to suit your exact needs, often with a blended approach of consultancy, training and technology. Our philosophy can be described as practical, fit-for-purpose and keep-it-simple with everything driven to create benefit for you.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Keep it practical & simple
  • Engage all key stakeholders
  • Define scalable consistent methodology & processes
  • Simple & effective templates and tools
  • Clear governance ensures no surprises
  • Timely & accurate project information enables informed decision-making
  • Leverage best practice, but customise to suit your environment, projects, structure & people